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HOLE lot of nothing


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alright so im tryin to find places to make a site. i go to tryipod and i do it. but this is the piece of crap that came out. i haven't had a hit yet and im getting pissed off. this damn text editor box window garbage thingy won't let me center the title tripod. BULLSHIT! LET ME USE MY GODDAMN TAB KEY! whenever i tab it moves the damn button to a text option or somethin but my cursor is in the text window! what the fuck! alright no one is ever gonna read this, i already know. so im wasting my time. but nonsense ranting and raving is completeley ok. what the fuck does completeley ok mean? how do you spell completely? alright i realize the title was called tripod so im gonna get back on schedule. TRIPOD IS BULLSHIT. allright it took me such a long time to get my guest book that no one has signed and my counter. my counter....