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(Self Titled)
Epic Records, 1992
1. Bombtrack
2. Killing in the Name (awesome intro)
3. Take the Power Back (great vocals)
4. Settle for Nothing (deep and heavy lyrics)
5. Bullet in the Head
6. Know your Enemy (overall great song)
7. Wake Up (Evil and Dark tone, used in Matrix Soundtrack)
8. Fistful of Steel (hardest rocking song on album)
9. Township Rebellion
10. Freedom (Zack pours everything into finale at the end, awesome A+ finish to powerful CD)


Live & Rare (Japan Import)
Sony 1993

12 song live CD with songs from self titled album and a few new ones like "black steel in the hour of chaos", "zapata's blood", "hadda be playin", "fuck tha police". it has 2 rare songs on it called "darkness" and "clear the lane."


Evil Empire
Epic Records, 1996
1. People of the Sun (great starter)
2. Bulls on Parade (what can i say, utter chaos recorded for your listening pleasure. One of my Favs)
3. Vietnow
4. Revolver (Zack releases frustration over his father in this hard rocker)
5. Snakecharmer (awesome drums)
6. Tire Me (this song is addicting and a fast paced rush. very awesome and unique side of rage.)
7. Down Rodeo (geez its hard to describe...think of a 3 1/2 minute christmas that you can play over and over again)
8. Without a Face (hard lyrics about troubled people)
9. Wind Below (Very addicting, if this gets stuck in your head beware of going crazy)
10. Roll Right
11. Year of tha Boomerang


Battle of Los Angeles
Epic Records 1999
2.Guerrilla Radio
3.Calm Like a Bomb
4.Mic Chekc
5.Sleep Now in the Fire
6.Born of a Broken Man
7.Born as Ghosts
9.Voice of the Voiceless
10.New Millenium Homes
11.Ashes in the Fall
12.War Within a Breath


Epic 2000
1.Microphone Feind
2.Pistol Grip Pump
3.Kick Out the Jams
4.Renegades of Funk
5.Beautiful World
6.I'm Housin'
7.In My Eyes
8.How I Could Just Kill a Man
9.The Ghost of Tom Joad
10.Down on the Street
11.Street Fighting Man
12.Maggie's Farm
13.Kick Out the Jams(Live)
14.How I Could Just Kill a Man(Live)

Favorite CD:Evil Empire, if you don't have this CD BUY IT! Its the closest thing to heaven on this tainted orb we call the Earth

Favorite CD's
1. Evil Empire
2. Debut(Self Titled)
3. Battle of Los Angeles
4. Live and Rare
5. Renegades

Renegades was dissappointing to me. It had a few good songs like renegades of funk and maggies farm but it lacked originality and the hard lyrics i expect from them. It was more of a rap album then anything and thats not why im into rage. Every song on the album was a cover on another bands song if you didn't know. disappointing......sorry